Stucco Finishes for Home Renovation

We are a couple of months into the new year, and spring is just around the corner. This would be the ideal time to do a bit of spring cleaning and engage in home renovation projects.

If you happen to be a weekend warrior, this would be a great time to engage in the DIY projects that you could learn from the internet. With the recent economic downturn, home renovations tend to be costly.

renovation stucco finishes

It becomes more important now that home renovation projects would be both durable and economical, and this is one project you would not want to DIY. The general appearance of your home would be one of those subjected to home renovations.

A simple coat of paint would work wonders for the appearance of your house. We’ll now introduce you to the concept of stucco sides as an alternative to paint.

What is stucco?

Stucco is a cement-like mix composed of Portland cement, lime, sand and water that is applied to the outer portion of buildings and homes. Modern chemistry has allowed for the integration of polymers into the original mix to produce a mixture that is able to endure for up to two decades. Think of all the savings that you would have. For home owners in Calgary looking for stucco contractors we suggest you hire locally.

There are several types of stucco finishes that differ according to the structure of your home. This is a project that you would have to entrust to a contractor, not for the hard equals working DIY purist.

The application process for stucco can consume a lot of time and is quite labour intensive so you would have to obtain professional help. The payoffs with stucco, however, are well worth the price you pay your contractor.

Why stucco?

The question would be, why not stucco? It helps make wood and brick houses pest-proof and fireproof. You can customize the appearance of stucco according to the colour and texture that you want for your home. We have mentioned that stucco can last for two decades.

The lifespan of stucco can be extended for up to five decades with the right maintenance. Not only is stucco pest-proof and fireproof, but it can also withstand mold, mildew and rot.

If it is about maintenance, stucco is so low maintenance that a simple yearly pressure wash would be enough to eliminate the buildup of dirt. Lastly, it can also render your home soundproof, and insulate your home in the winter months.


Though it can be quite pricey and requires professional installation and occasional repair, a home renovation project that lasts up to five decades is well worth the investment.

We at Calgary Landscape Design would be able to assist you with your home renovation needs such as stucco finishes for your homes. Contact us and see how we can make your home renovation dreams a reality.

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