Acreage Landscaping Ideas for Calgary

Most homeowners find maintaining their urban landscape enough of a challenge. When acreages are several times larger, even the smallest decisions have broader implications. Since other plants will be affected by them, trees are often the first thing considered when planning and planting.

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A windbreak or shelterbelt is usually planted early so that it will define the landscape and protect buildings and gardens from freezing and chilly winters in Calgary. Let us see the few most useful ideas for acreage landscape suitable for Calgary suburbs. A special thanks to one of the best Calgary landscaping companies, Urban Oasis Developments for helping with our landscaping.

Divide space

It can be overwhelming to have an open field in your backyard, even though a vast landscape is beautiful. Creating an intimate feeling on your land begins with dividing it into individual spaces. Your yard can be divided in many ways. Hedgerows and lattice panels create physical barriers that separate space. Create several patios throughout your yard if you’d like to maintain the open feeling of your landscape.

Space for kids

Having children means you’ll probably want a part of the yard just for them. Whatever your child’s age or interest, there’s a way to create a space that suits their needs. Choosing a location for your kids’ zone close to your house is important when planning your yard. It allows you to track them easily from inside if you’re standing near a window.

Element Repetition

You may find it difficult to create a unified appearance for the yard and landscape when there is so much wide-open space. If you repeat elements throughout your yard, you will create a cohesive space. Patios and walkways can be paved with the same material so that everything feels connected. You should not group the same blossoms or shrubs in the same area, as this creates a unified appearance. Rather, you should spread the plants throughout the yard to create a cohesive landscape.

Make use of curves

An acreage landscape should always utilize the terrain rather than trying to change it. Your landscape design may look awkward with sharp angles and lines in wide, open yards. Rather than using hard, straight lines, use curves in your yard design to make it look more natural. To match the contours of the landscape, paths should be curved and winding, not pin-straight.

Creating an Orchard

An orchard or veggie garden could be incorporated into the landscape design of an acreage. Perhaps an area where a favorite flower can be showcased in all its diverse colors and varieties.


  • Maintain an open southwest exposure for summer breezes, and plant deciduous trees down south for shade during the summer and winter light. Use a variety of plants to add interest to the landscape, and to allow wind to move through it.
  • Before you begin, understand drainage patterns and if they are problematic, adjust the grade.
  • Provide cages or fencing to prevent wildlife from damaging young trees.
  • The maintenance requirements of plants should be grouped based on moisture, sunlight, wind, and the need for mowing or other large equipment.
  • Don’t use turf in areas with a lot of traffic.
  • Prairie grasses and ornamental grasses are low maintenance and provide year-round interest, but if planted too close to buildings, they can be a fire hazard.
  • You can also plant thickets of wild plums, chokecherries, elderberries, etc. to attract wildlife.